Why U3A?
Shakespeare defined seven ages of man, but the U3A has whittled these down to three.  
Briefly they are as follows:
The First Age
This is when we have to rely upon others for our well-being and nurture.
The Second Age
We now have responsibilities to others and have to spend most of our time earning a 
living or supporting those that do.
The Third Age
Now these commitments are behind us and we have the time to pursue other interests and 
to learn new skills.  We can also if we wish devote time to passing on those skills that we have
acquired to others.
The U3A is a self help organisation and we look to members to share their knowledge.  

Members meet in groups to share their particular interests.
We do not have any paid tutors; group leaders are members who volunteer to co-ordinate 
groups in subjects of their choice.
Members are not students and qualifications are neither required nor given.
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